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This is the homepage of
The Boll Weevil Folk Blues Gang



We are an acoustic 4-member folk blues band living and playing in and around Budapest, Hungary.


Started around year 2000, the Boll Weevil Folk Blues Gang is intent on displaying the diversity of early American black folk music with a repertoire including ballads, rags, gospels and spirituals besides blues songs. Our music is led by acoustic dobro guitar and vocal (Dávid Ongjerth), escorted by double bass (Gergő Szabó), violin (Milán Bajovics) and harmonica (Mátyás Sain). One of the aims of the group is to show that blues – and black folk music in general – is not only the music of sorrow and depression, but just as well the music of joy and happiness.



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Some of you may, many of you may not know what the Boll Weevil is. Well, the Boll Weevil is a small insect, the number one enemy of cotton plantations. It spread from Mexico to the Southern States of the USA in the 1910s and turned the agricultural scene upside down. For the black population who were mainly sharecropping at the time it was a major catastrophe, bringing them to the edge of starvation. Nevertheless they seemed to share some empathy with the weevil. The Boll Weevil Blues tells about these days:

Well, the boll weevil is a little black bug
Come from Mexico they say
Well he come all the way to Texas
He was lookin for a place to stay
Just lookin’ for a home,
He was lookin’ for a home

Well, the first time I seen a boll weevil,
He was sitting on a square,
And the next time I seen the boll weevil,
He had his whole damn family there,
They were looking for a home,
Just looking for a home.

Then the farmer took the boll weevil,
Put him in the hot sand,
And the boll weevil said to the farmer,
"Well, you are treating me like a man.
It’ll be my home,
I’ll have a home.

Then the farmer took the boll weevil,
Put him on the ice,
And the boll weevil said to the farmer,
"It is mighty cool and nice.
It’ll be my home,
It’ll be my home.




Our CD ‘Messin’ Around’ has been published in 2009 and is available in concerts or you can order it for 2200 HUF through email.

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